Growth Marketing Manager

About Neuraptic AI

Neuraptic Al was born to merge the capabilities of humans and machines into an Al that improves human lives. We are working hard to create what we call the Hypercontext, where sensory information is fused with natural language and structured databases to build a super-awareness of the environment.

Our product, ENAIA, is a subscription-based Machine Learning platform that allows customers to design, train, and maintain their own Al by simply uploading data. ENAIA stands out from existing platforms because of its ability to train a task-specific multi-modal Al. Thanks to ENAIA, customers can teach the Al to perform highly-specific tasks regardless of the nature of inputs and outputs. No matter if the input is a database, an image, a document, or a combination of them: ENAIA will train a multi-modal Al that will treat all the information in a unified way.

We are a team of 10-15 people, with a flat structure in which each person plays a fundamental role in achieving our objectives. The goals are ambitious, and we want people willing to accept the challenge. At Neuraptic AI we all must speak our minds. We believe in diversity, and we consider character as the main value of people. We want you to feel comfortable, excited, and confident in your professional and personal life. We contribute to this with good working conditions and our personal development and mental wellness programs.

Job description

Neuraptic AI is looking for a Growth Marketing Manager to drive customer and partner acquisition. The Growth marketing manager will lead the online and offline communication policies in an international scope, will share the presentation and representation of the company in front of the main stakeholders, and will contribute to outlining and increasing the awareness of the ENAIA brand.

Job Responsibilities

  • Plan the program of marketing activities required to support the company’s acquisition targets
  • Pitch and represent the company at international events and to the media.
  • Develop and implement a content marketing program (incl. Blog, webinars, video, email & social content, white papers, customer case studies, and use cases)
  • Drive quality traffic to the site through organic & paid activities
  • Optimize the product’s presence and performance on priority social channels
  • Achieve best practice benchmarks for the website, in terms of converting traffic to leads
  • Define and execute targeted email campaigns
  • Deliver and enhance own events and participation in a partner and third-party events
  • Benchmark best practices and competition regularly to inform planning and performance optimization
  • Deploy agile marketing approach based on access to solid data and a test, learn, grow methodology
  • Using the KPI dashboard, report regularly creative tactics to attract and retain customers and partners.
  • Collaborating with Product Management to ensure clear, differentiated product positioning, and other internal stakeholders to ensure demand generation objectives are achieved ongoing

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2+ years of relevant acquisition marketing experience, preferably growing a SaaS B2B
  • A relevant degree in marketing, or communications
  • Outstanding project manager able to always control multiple activities
  • Gifted speaker
  • Willingness to give and receive objective and honest feedback
  • Native level English speaker and writer

Preferred Qualifications

  • Good writer able to quickly bring the content up to standard.
  • Familiar with the use of Hubspot.

If you do not find an offer that suits you, please send us your proposal.